Playing Like A Champion

"Hi Competitor, how's your game?"
"Fran, it's great for a few holes, sometimes quite a few holes. I hit great shots, I make birdies and pars and then YADA YADA YADA..."
"Your playing like a Competitor; congratulations. that's what I taught you to do"
"OK, but I'd like to break into the top 10 in the City Championships and move on to the State Championship. Do I need to practice more? I can't do that, I'm an amateur; I've got a family and a job!"
"No, you don't have to practice any more; in fact, practice a little less, relax and spend more time with the family."
"What am I missing?" How can I become a better Competitor if I practice less?"
"Your going to advance from playing like a Competitor to playing like a Champion! I define Champions as Competitors who play their best all the time."
Great! That's exactly what I need, "play my best all the time!" How do I get started?
"Surf to GolfPsych and get familiar with Dr. Barbara Graham, Ph.D. and Jon Stabler's ideas. Signup for their newsletter and order their book, THE 8 TRAITS OF CHAMPION GOLFERS and a GolfPsych bag tag like the one on my bag!"
"Will Dr. Graham and Jon Stabler's ideas get me to the net level, the Champion Level?"
"Your Sure?"   "When can we get started?"
"Just as soon as you study the book and get the GolfPsych bag tag!"
"Can we set a new goal?"
"Yes, in fact let's get beyond setting goals and go for a new outcome!"
"All right, what should it be?"
"You need to get involved with the Men's Club at CMCC and start playing in their tournaments!"