Fran Harper at his teaching station.

          I retired from a career manufacturing computer chips, took up golf, became
          a Certified PGA Professional and began teaching. Today, I offer group
          and individual lessons for beginners and advanced students as well as
          coaching for juniors.

          My focus is to give my beginning students the means to get off the practice
          tee and go out onto the golf course. Once they get onto the golf course, the
          beginners quickly become golfers and start enjoying a game with their

          Advanced players already spend most of their time on the golf course where
          they encounter a need to play the many specialty shots that are required to
          navigate the course in a minimum number of strokes. I enjoy coaching these
          players to develop their creative skills and encourage their awareness and
          their imaginations to perfect their play.

          I find that spending time on the golf course motivates students to focus their
          practice time on their weakest shots and thereby improve their games. I enjoy
          my role of helping my students to become competitive players.

          Join me on the course and we can help each other.