Golf’s Fundamentals


Learning to play golf or to improve your game isn’t too hard; go out to any local Junior Golf Tournament and watch the teenagers post red numbers.


You need to understand a few of Golf's Fundamentals to start playing golf and master them to become a Player. You need to learn Scoring on the Golf Course in order to navigate your ball around the golf course to avoid trouble and to give you easy to make next shots. If you discover that you enjoy the game you will soon be Playing Like A Champion


Learning to play golf, or to improve, starts by teaming with a Golf Professional who will make your learning process more efficient and enjoyable; this is my role. My instructions and demonstrations will awaken your senses to give you the means-whereby you can acquire the game. We will teach your muscles to play better and Golf’s Fundamentals will provide a foundation for our efforts.


Ben Hogan said "Golf’s Fundamentals are the things that you see the best golfers doing". When you watch the best golfers play you will see that with each shot they:


w Plan w Organize w Execute w Measure


We can add another fundamental that we are unable to see the best golfers doing, it is to know what they feel, what mental pictures they form and what
body awareness results as they play.


At our first lesson, we will warm up and go out on the golf course and play a few holes of golf as opponents. We will observe each other playing and each of us will develop a game plan for winning the match. After playing a few holes, we will change from being fellow competitors to being partners and play a foursome match against two imaginary opponents.


After our game of golf, we will put together a plan for improving our games. Typically, you will want to concentrate on the Execute fundamental. I will stress the Plan and Organize fundamentals, as you can't do anything well without a plan and without being organized. I will also stress the Measure fundamental, as you can not improve anything you do without being able to measure your performance.


Soon, you will be able to use your newly developed body awareness to hit golf balls rather well. At this level you will become your own best student and be playing golf with your friends. I also look forward to playing with you and helping you to learn about Scoring on the Golf Course and to then start Playing Like A Champion. As we advance to this level, my role as your Pro and your role as my Student will change to my becoming your Coach and you becoming a Player.